the collected issues

26.1 Fall 2009>>

What you do is you have a what if / guess how long a person gets to live

25 Winter - Spring 2008>>

I think of this greenhouse as both a nursery for the flora we use in our dioramas and a Petri dish for / Unlock the notebook: torn hearts narrate on and on.

24 Winter 2007>>

Arrest. Error. Heir. My home-twenty? My domain? My mine? / A frigid light spreads in the windless land

23 Summer - Fall 2006>>

If I wasn't suicidal / Even Cerberus, that envious one, drinks and goes to sleep

22 Fall - Spring 2006>>

It gets late early now / into air, into steam and passing by

21 Fall - Summer 2005>>

What I liked about Marlin Perkins was his avuncular gentleness even as he subdued a hippo with a tranquilizer gun / but never taking

20 Spring - Summer 2004>>

the sheep disappear / night heaves. Speaking of

18 Summer 2003>>

Expletive! / in reality, it is always rape

17 Winter - Spring 2003>>

First it says, “Go this way” / The universe is crushing. Rhinoceros, break it

16 Fall - Winter 2002>>

Amazement grips us / of scratching brought relief

15 Spring - Summer 2002>>


14 Winter - Spring 2002>>


13 November - December 2001>>

It blazed so starkly what else could it be / in the old sound-hole of a singing star

11-12 July - October 2001>>

the swollen flotsam / in the sun, its colour is a black that binds

10 May - June 2001>>

On analysis, even roses aren’t what you supposed / Making them look as if they may begin screaming

9 March - April 2001>>

nine days without names, drawing breath / doping doing all through the grape night

7 November - December 2000>>

like recurrence, the tidal marks of a sea / the sun not shining except at night, by proxy, from the other side

6 September - October 2000>>

Here, my pretty, lay / but it should, shouldn't it?

5 July - August 2000>>

as solo is to death so one is to plural (fictions' / comfort are heraldic and the moths meld

4 May - June 2000>>

"am seen & do not see" – skies / To lavish attention on what wakes up, too?

3 March - April 2000>>

There's a nostalgia principle deep at work here / Quick, look up - it's floating by

2 January - February 2000>>

A poem is an unscrewed roof-rack and untranslatable / by bluedelicate wing

1 November - December 1999>>

a scar of red granite cuts across the landscape / she said he was shining

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