Julie Carr


Gathered husks

				                 tethered copula

pestered fairness                            

		             revered and bedeviled sense-organs

flagged gallantry
				                 sweated poolside



Shaping dalliance and dailyness

				                      as allied stars

of rust or tousled				             grass

clustered and hauled 			                     cells

		              sexed to sleep


Spoils of Christmas wetted

		             my rubberized engendering

			                I came forth as

fraternal rubble		

nudged			              then damaged 

            by must, master


Cross out rest to

	     fret 			          & etch

lust: the death of it


the hand in

		                making future-tense

					                                 to play with


Love Poem

even in airports

feeling as isled I'm led
touch my lip as code to my watcher
the eye-lid dealer O

my two breasts my cursory marks
I'm plain as worn as gathered

now boarded: a mission
as is birth

Nightingale Poem

Ode to the thud of the paper on the porch

To she who is shot at school

Ode to drowsy numbness

To copycat rhymes

To swimming as anesthesia, to the bird trapped in the flue 

Ode to my son vomiting in the halls

To the mothers and fathers

To the mothers and fathers

To the woods we were to hide in, the leaves with which to be buried

Ode to little oblong notes: the music of bulbs in bags

Away! Away! 

To atonement, the cold Queen Moon!

Fled is that

To oil poured into our eyes

To tresses left to be hauled to be dumped

Our thoughts slathered in, tethered to, time

Ode to the sands in our teeth, my reader 

Where are you? The one who has abandoned me? 

Ode to the voice: You sing, you / who also / wants 

Julie Carr's books are Mead: An Epithalamion (Georgia, 2004), and Equivocal (Alice James Books, 2007). She has recent work in Verse, Volt, New American Writing, Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, Fence, and in the anthologies Not For Mothers Only (Fence Books), and Best American Poetry 2007. She teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder MFA, and is the co-publisher, with Tim Roberts, of Counterpath Press.