Editor's Note

After a long hiatus, Slope is back! The editors would like to thank our readers and, perhaps, more importantly, our contributors, for their patience. After hitting a few bumps in the road, we're proud to introduce an issue full of dynamic and engaging work. Slope has always been committed to presenting the finest in both experimental and traditonal lyric poetry, and this issue continues that commitment, working within a multitude of pressing themes and concerns. Poems by Gregory Brooker, Julie Carr, Wynn Cooper, Joshua Kryah, Sarah Manguso, Gretchen Mattox, Ronald Palmer, Tomaz Salamun, Patty Seyburn, Peter Jay Shippy and Judith Taylor, are accompanied by five works of criticism and commentary, including reviews of recent work by Lara Glenum, Catherine Daly and Margo Tamez.

Although we have been temporarily lost in the ether, we have found ourselves again, and new issues will be regularly appearing. Ethan and I have turned the reins over to Lucas Farrell, Greg Hill Jr., and Brandon Shimoda; they will be assuming full editorship with the next issue; all submissions and questions should be addressed to them at slope.editors@gmail.com. Again, we thank you for your readership and support, and we all look forward to the new generation of work.

Amy Newlove Schroeder & Ethan Paquin, editors