Standard Schaefer's most recent book is Nova (Sun & Moon, 2001).

from Negatives






thumps of shadow give way to the flim flam

of dereliction the hurly-burly

of the surface faces its slit and finds another surface

a boy with a bat swings at a clump of shade










progress is process and not

the other way around

sound of a beam of light

installing the stalactite

long hair and a sword on the inside










finally the first are last and the last first

but if it is so then it is so

you are an oven of ash if you say so

but if you say so I must know

what to include what to leave out

which moon to choose if I do choose

to install the animal sign










forward only forward enough that these words the only words seem

a mushroom walking a dog this nation the only nation absent

as the victims it puts forward forward the victimΥs name and address

now that the floorboards have come off dancing, concern

is not anyway music the absence becomes gradually less frayed

the afraid become exactly as absent as what was taught to occupy the victim

of the matter to what manner is first










a picture is formed of pictures smaller than the eye it is not

a behaving as if


belief is required

head and shoulders scattered across a weak uptrend


wooden lips

do not attempt

them rare surprises


the floorboards come off

the uptrend is yours the picture is a breaking of the trend


the giants must be adjusted to accommodate the retracement ofΚ

small reversals often confirmed

by what to some is a three box reversal

in color, pain and other moving averages but plotted in behavior the eye behaves


paint peeling off the mangy hills we have come to a page

where all we have done is raise the question of the page


space fights the uptick in the downtrend the rest is one day only

we do as we please